History of HS

Currently celebrating 40 years of the Crealde school of art!


04/27/2015 09:30

Transformation Of Hannib Square

A more literal representation of the “cleaning up” and remodeling of Hannibal square


04/27/2015 09:25

History And Community In Hannibal Square

Churches are definitely known for being a place where community members can get to together and build ties throughout the neighborhood. But still, why so many in this rather confined community?


04/27/2015 09:23

Community Of Hannibal Square


04/27/2015 09:16

Mosaic Accompanying Audio


04/27/2015 09:10

History Of HS


04/27/2015 09:05

Physical Transformation

The paving of roads, the increasing attention on beautifying this neighborhood as an extension of Winter Park


04/27/2015 09:02

Physical Transformation

The establishment of “the Coop”, a winter park favorite, has brought a lot of traffic to the area. This and other recent restaurant options in Hannibal square is often the only side of the community that the residents of the east side of winter park care to engage in.


04/27/2015 08:55

Spatial Data

Where the decorative street signs become plain, unkept street signs.


04/27/2015 08:46

Physical Transformation Of Hannibal Squar

A common sight in Hannibal square over the past few years: construction crews and equipment


04/27/2015 08:40