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History Of HS

The site of the original community center and the former site of the Hannibal Square Elementary School


04/27/2015 09:36

History of HS

Currently celebrating 40 years of the Crealde school of art!


04/27/2015 09:30

Transformation Of Hannib Square

A more literal representation of the “cleaning up” and remodeling of Hannibal square


04/27/2015 09:25

History And Community In Hannibal Square

Churches are definitely known for being a place where community members can get to together and build ties throughout the neighborhood. But still, why so many in this rather confined community?


04/27/2015 09:23

Community Of Hannibal Square


04/27/2015 09:16

Mosaic Accompanying Audio


04/27/2015 09:10

History Of HS


04/27/2015 09:05

Physical Transformation

The paving of roads, the increasing attention on beautifying this neighborhood as an extension of Winter Park


04/27/2015 09:02